Classroom Activities for a Dental Health-Themed Week

.Grace Robinson
Classroom Activities for a Dental Health-Themed Week

At A Sunshine Palace Day Care in Troy, New York, the students enjoyed a week theme for dental health!

As a part of this theme, they did many exciting classroom activities focused on our teeth and how to keep them clean. Here are three the class did below!

Marshmallow Teeth Gluing

Marshmallows look a lot like teeth, and this art activity used that fact to make a very creative set of marshmallow teeth! Students put dabs of glue on a construction paper mouth and then put marshmallows on the mouth to make it look like it had a big set of teeth!

Numbered Teeth Counting

This activity was a bit like the marshmallow teeth one, but with no gluing and the addition of counting! Students had construction paper mouths with numbers written in them and pieces of white paper with numbers on them. Students needed to match the right numbered papers to the correct spot to fill the mouth with numbered teeth!

Shaving Cream Brushing

The last activity the class did was messy but fun! They practiced brushing with toothbrushes covered in shaving cream. It was great fun spreading-around the shaving cream with their toothbrushes!

A Sunshine Palace Day Care
Troy, NY, United States

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Classroom Activities for a Dental Health-Themed Week
February 21, 2020
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