Making a Dinosaur Den in Your Home!

.Amelia White
Making a Dinosaur Den in Your Home!

It is a fun activity to do and you can easily set up your own Dinosaur den too with a wide range of items!

Charleen Donovan in Worchestire, UK, shared how her school was encouraging parents and their children to make their own Dinosaur Den in their homes!

How to Make a Dinosaur Den

To create a Dinosaur den you only need your imagination! You can use real rocks, leaves, and Dinosaur toys if you want. However, should you like to use construction paper, cloth, and other craft supplies you can create your own

Dinosaurs and their environment which you then decorate the den with! Should you want, you can paint your own Dinosaurs, use faux-grass, or do whatever else you'd like to try!

There is no wrong way to make a Dinosaur den because the whole point is to create whatever you want for fun! Then, once you are done you can take pictures of everything and show it off online to other people making their own Dinosaur dens in their homes!

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Making a Dinosaur Den in Your Home!
May 15, 2020
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