Dinosaur-Themed Classroom Decorations

Here at Goldsboro Elementary Magnet School in Sanford, Florida we used a Dinosaur-theme for all our subject areas! Our kindergartners loved their classroom during this past week as transformed it into our own, “Jurassic Park,” full of educational fun! Read on for more information about how great of a week it was!

Goldsboro Elementary Magnet School

Our Jurassic Park Classroom Transformation

Our kindergartners loved wearing safari hats and sitting-down in their very own, “Park Jeeps,” we assembled at their tables where they saw Dinosaurs on an imaginary tour by doing coloring sheets of all kind of exciting and fun Dinos! They did counting and stacking activities as well themed for our Jurassic Park plus our young Paleontologists practiced studying Dinosaurs by cracking-open mysterious fossils and Dino-eggs.

As you can see from the pictures our whole classroom was transformed into a prehistoric park full of exciting Dinos and fun activities that also helped our Kindergartners develop skills while having a great time. We especially loved our Volcano–which we can say is what wiped-out all the Dinosaurs if anyone asks where they went after all the decorations are taken down for next week!

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