Dinosaur Unit Activities

.Amelia White
Dinosaur Unit Activities

Dinosaur Unit Activities

At Neighborhood Children's House, they had a big unit on Dinosaurs! They had a fun themed area pictured above and did a number of exciting Dino-related activities.

Dino eggs

The children had a great deal of fun taking Dinosaurs out of their eggs and lining them up.

Dino Puzzle

The kids matched puzzle pieces to fill in a Dinosaur skeleton with its body.

Volcano Drawing

It was fun drawing volcanoes--like the kind that may have contributed to wiping-out the Dinosaurs 65 million years ago!

Dino Bone Excavation

Digging bones out of the dirt was a great deal of fun for the kids too!

Source for photos: Neighborhood Children's House

Dinosaur Unit Activities
August 13, 2020
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