Recycled Dinosaur Project for Preschoolers

Sara Smith
Recycled Dinosaur Project for Preschoolers

Build-and-Paint Dinosaur Craft for Preschoolers

Make Your Own Dino!

Recycled art, which is art that uses items that would otherwise be thrown-away, has grown more and more in popularity over the years as it can save money on supplies and helps the environment. With this in mind, here is a fun activity for your preschool students to make their own Dinosaur they build and paint out of recyclable objects so that they have their own recycled art masterpiece!

In Ms. Lily & Friends Preschool these wonderful Dinosaurs were very fun to make and paint. The students had a fantastic time using their imaginations and art-skills.

Ms. Lily & Friends Preschool

Recycled Art Projects For Kids

How to Make the Dinosaur

1. Gather-up items that would normally be tossed-out such as paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, tissue boxes, plastic cups, Styrofoam food containers, and things like that!

2. Have your preschool students pick-out items they want glued together to form what will be the shape of their Dinosaur.

3. Glue the pieces together as the students indicate with a hot-glue gun (the teacher should do this, NOT the students).

4. Have you students paint their Dinosaurs however they would like and use regular glue to stick decorations on their Dinosaur that are other items that maybe would have been recycled if not used for this project (buttons, bottle-caps, and so forth).

5. Let the paint and glue dry, your students have a gorgeous new Dinosaur made out of recycled art!

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Recycled Dinosaur Project for Preschoolers
August 29, 2019
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