dinosaurs-dinosaurs everywhere but I have none

Ann m Samuel
dinosaurs-dinosaurs everywhere but I have none

this week's theme at our preschool is dinosaurs and I was looking for some cool activities to do with my three-year-old class, I have toy dinosaurs but no real good ideas other than letting my class dig through sand to find them. some of the children in my class know the names and how to pronounce them but out of 15, I would say that maybe 5 of them do. I really want some really rememberable ideas since this is our last real lesson for the year. some of the worksheets I've seen here are really cute, so I think those might help I bought sand but other than digging in it like I said I really don't know what else to do. I wanted to buy kinetic sand but that is really expensive. and all the youtube videos of how to make it say it's a flop just buy it. I guess I could make dino tracks. or maybe some kind of dino fossil out of dough. I just really need some ideas for this lesson week on what to do.

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dinosaurs-dinosaurs everywhere but I have none
May 16, 2022
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