Discovering the volcanoes

Teacher Annie
Discovering the volcanoes

Discovering the volcanoes

Children are curious and love to discover how nature works around them. For this reason I chose to investigate the topic of volcanoes as it is an interesting topic. To carry out this activity you must first have a volcano available. You can create one by searching for different ideas on the internet or buy one. This time I bought a set of dinosaurs to decorate the garden which included a volcano. The second thing you should have available is Baking Soda and vinegar. I placed the Baking Soda inside the volcano and little by little I added the vinegar. To create a better lava effect, use red vegetable paint.


Read a book about volcanoes, this time use the book Take care and discover nature.

Ask children questions such as:

What do you think will happen when I add the vinegar to the volcano?

Perform the activity under the supervision of an adult

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Discovering the volcanoes
October 1, 2021
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