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Diwali Celebration

Sarah Mac Duff
Diwali Celebration

We celebrated Diwali in our classroom! We coloured a sun that displayed different colours of sunshine to represent this celebration also known as the festival of lights. Parents came in to make our celebration authentic with real Indian sweets and a magnificent candle holder for every child. The students had the opportunity to try on a special scarf worn by Indian women which felt soft and cozy. The parents shared some content about the religion and asked the children to share some things they were thankful for. Some said they were thankful for love, others for their friend and others for their parents. We ended our festivities by dancing to traditional Indian music and drum rolls which was very pleasant.

I had prepares some stations where students would colour candles and use manipulatives to create Diwali flowers and designs but we ran out of time. I would have loved to add more lights in our classroom but we did not have the materials.

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Diwali Celebration
October 31, 2022
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