DIY Adorable Towel Puppy

DIY Adorable Towel Puppy

DIY Adorable Towel PuppyHow to make a cute puppy out of towel?Things to prepare:- Face towel (choose the color u like)- 2 pieces of rubber or plastic string- 2 brown felt /cut sponge paper to form the ear / eyes and eyeballs- Red popsicle sticks - bend into half to form the tongue- Poms poms- String and bell- Scissors and Glue Get started!1) Place your favourite color towel on the table.2) Fold and roll both ends of the towel horizontally towards the center.3)Tie it over the middle session and just above it to form a head using 2 pieces rubber or plastic strings.4)Place the ribbon / strings and bells on the middle part to make it look like the neck of the puppy5) Sticks the eye, eyeballs, ear cut from felt or sponge paper and sticks them onto the towel.6) Place the red half popsicle sticks in between the towel to form the tongue.Done!Simpler version done by students with different accessories (goggly eyes instead of felt paper, ribbons instead of strings and bells) I m sure Ur kids or students will enjoy making these with their own hand. Enjoy! 

DIY Adorable Towel Puppy
April 15, 2020
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