DIY Mini-Golf for Kids: Creativity Meets Fun!

Mini-golf is something kids absolutely love–it is so much fun trying to putt a ball around a course full of challenging and crazy-looking obstacles!

With this in mind, the kindergarten students at Glenwood Country Day School in Woodbine, Maryland, had a lot of fun when they were able to make their own mini-golf course to have a great time with!

The children had fun building a mini golf course and then playing it! How cool is that?

Glenwood Country Day School

Indoor Mini Golf! Thinking and Having a Great Time

A do-it-Yourself mini-golf course encourages kids to think about how they would design their own set of holes to try and putt at. After taking a some ping-pong balls and something to use as a putter the possibilities are endless for coming-up with a zany mini-golf course. Anything can be an obstacle from old VHS tapes, to blocks, other toys, pieces of cardboard, and a piece of paper with a hole cut in it can easily be the, “Hole,” kids try and aim for. Playing DIY mini-golf encourages creative thinking and is simply tons of fun!

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Author: Emma Johnson

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