Do-It-Yourself Water Table Activity

During the Summer a lot of stores sell water tables. These can be expensive, however, so making your own water table can be a great idea too, as illustrated by The Children’s Hour Preschool!

How to Make Your Own Water Table

To make your own water table you can use a wide range of household items in a fun and different way! Some of the tools great for a water table are…

  • A large plastic tub–to fill with the water you’ll be playing with.
  • Buckets–for dumping and filling with water.
  • Strainers–to scoop-up water and watch as it drains out.
  • Cups–for more dumping and filling.
  • Bathtime toys–to play with in a new setting!
  • Kitchen utensils such as spoons and ladles–for moving around in the water.
  • Anything else you can think of works great too!

By doing a DIY water table you not only save money, but you also encourage your children to be creative with items that they normally may not think of using with a water table. It is economical and fun!

Source for Photos: The Children’s Hour Preschool

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