Do you want to build a teddy bear?

Lauren Wynhausen
Do you want to build a teddy bear?

Do you want to build a teddy bear?

This is for our fun summer camp activity. This activity is geared towards preschool children.

We also incorporated "bring your favorite teddy bear to school" for our teddy bear picnic lunch outside. We had a special awarding/ certificate for who brought the cutest, smallest, biggest, softest, etc. bear (to be fair, each child got a special award for their bear).

We read & discussed the story Corduroy. You can read any bear related book. We also sang "Teddy bear, teddy bear turn around" song for circle time.

For our craft, we colored the bear parts all brown then cut along the black lines. I had the children line up all their bear parts & have them try to put it on the construction paper as if it was a puzzle. Some of the 4 year olds could do it but most of them needed a sample or a little guidance in putting the parts together.

As an additional fun game, we did a "We're going on a bear hunt" activity this can be searched on youtube & played for the kids- great music & movement learning activity.

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Do you want to build a teddy bear?
July 14, 2021
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