Doing a Unit on Ponds!

Doing a Unit on Ponds!

Doing a Unit on Ponds!

At Allwood Play and Learn, they did a learning unit focused entirely on ponds. Students learned about how ponds are still bodies of freshwater (and sometimes saltwater) that host all kinds of animal and plant life--such as the frogs they crafted pictured above. Then, the kids did fun activities all about ponds!

Paper plate pond

The kiddos created a pond out of paper plates they colored!

Lily pad jumping

Students pretended to be frogs as they leaped from lily pad to lily pad!

Dragonfly craft

The students made dragonflies out of craft paper after learning about how dragonflies can often be spotted zipping around above ponds in search of a meal! All the activities and crafts were so much fun to do as the class learned about ponds!

Source for photos: Allwood Play and Learn

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Doing a Unit on Ponds!
May 25, 2021
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