Doraemon Keychain Craft

Doraemon Keychain Craft


Things to prepare for making this cute doraemon creature includes:

– Two small plastic disposable plate

–  Keychain

– Ribbons

– White paper / coloured paper

– Color / Crayon

– Bell


Draw and color the two plastic plates as shown in diagram, join them together and tied a ribbons around the doraemon neck. Paste the eyes and extremities with white paper after cut them out and draw a red mouth and paste on the west plastic plates. Lastly punch a small hole on too and attached with keychain.


Things to prepare:

– Poms poms

– Ribbons

– Bells

– White or coloured paper


Firstly join at least 9-10 poms pomsdraw the doraemon using coloured and plain paper, stick them together following the diagram shown, subsequently attached a reusable keychain.

Done! Enjoy!


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