Dr. Martin Luther King STEAM Day Celebration Craft

At Indian Creek School in Crownsville, Maryland, the class was having a STEAM Day celebration on Friday. Martin Luther King Jr. Day was incorporated into this celebration by having the 1st-4th grade students learning about the real-world hero, Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.

STEAM Craft for Dr. King

After the children spent time reflecting on how the amazing Dr. King was able to motivate and inspire millions of people via his incredibly powerful words, the students then were given a task utilizing their engineering skills! They were given a paper standee representative of Dr. King and were instructed to assist him by working to design and build their own podiums (with the provided materials) that would be correctly to scale for their replica of Dr. King. By doing this STEAM craft for Dr. King the students both learned about the historical importance of Dr. King and had fun utilizing pipe cleaners, straws, tape, and pieces of paper to create him a podium!

Indian Creek School
Crownsville, MD, United States

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