Dreamcatcher Craft for Children

Dreamcatcher Craft for Children

Dreamcatcher Craft for Children

At Happy Apple Preschool the kids loved this dreamcatcher craft! It was a little complicated, but with help from their teacher, they were all able to create a beautiful dreamcatcher to take home and hang-up!

Materials needed for the dreamcatcher craft

To do this craft you will need:

*Paper plate





*Feathers (colorful kinds from the craft store)

How to make your dreamcatcher

To create your dreamcatcher you need to follow these steps:

1. Take your paper plate and cut out the middle section.

2. Cut a heart out of the middle section you removed.

3. Use your hole-punch to make holes opposite one another all around the inner-hole of the paper plate.

4. Cut the yarn into smaller pieces that will make it easier for the child to string it through, you can always tie two pieces together if you run out of yarn.

5. Tie off the bottom of the yarn with a tiny knot, that will keep it from unraveling while they string it through the holes.

6. Hold the heart in place in the middle for your child and talk them through stringing the yarn through the heart and then through the hole, through the heart again and then the next hole, etc.

7. String beads onto individual pieces of yarn.

8. Take the yarn with beads and loop it through the bottom area of your dreamcatcher, making knots so it all stays put.

9. After tying the beads off, tuck the feathers into the beads to hold them on.

10. Show everyone your beautiful dreamcatcher!

Source for photos: Happy Apple Preschool

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Dreamcatcher Craft for Children
August 29, 2020
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