Dressed-up Turkeys Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

.Ava Jones
Dressed-up Turkeys Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

Dressed-up Turkeys Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

With Thanksgiving approaching a lot of turkeys might want to wear disguises to stay safe. With that in mind, the students at Rollins Place Elementary School in Zachary, Louisiana did a fun craft that involved helping disguise turkeys! Now there are no Turkeys at Rollins Place. nope, not a single one!

Rollins Place Elementary School

Zachary, Louisiana 70791


Turkeys in Disguise? No, There Are Not any Turkeys Here!

The students were very creative with their turkeys they had as a template and then made elaborate outfits for. These Turkeys clearly come with some, "Dressing!" There were football player turkeys, police officers, turkeys dressed as dogs, a Santa Claus turkey, space aliens, mermaids, super-heroes, Lego turkeys, pigs, princesses, Pokemon, and all kinds of turkeys who sure wanted people to think they were not turkeys!

Yes, all of these turkeys were surely thankful for their incredible disguises thanks to the smarts of the students who helped disguise them! It was a fun craft because it let the students think-up all kinds of creative ideas! Give it a try with your class this Thanksgiving so everyone can say, "Wow, not a turkey in sight!"

Give Thanks

We are Thankful We are Not Turkeys

I'm not a turkey! Not turkeys here!

Turkeys with Dressing

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Dressed-up Turkeys Thanksgiving Craft for Kids
November 21, 2019
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