E is For Elephant… And Many Other Things Themed-Craft

E is For Elephant... And Many Other Things Themed-Craft

The letter E can stand for many things, with one notable word that starts with that letter being, “Elephant.”

Elephants are big and fun animals, and this craft involves printing out the elephant template, cutting it out with scissors and then putting it together with glue to make a letter E that also looks like an elephant. After showing students how you did this they can then make their own fun creation out of the blank letter E template!

E is For Elephant... Craft

How to Do This Craft

After showing students the general idea of how you took the letter E and made it into an animal that starts with E–elephant–as them to name other things that start with the letter E. If they are struggling you can give examples like, “Earth, ear, eagle,” and so forth.

Once each student has thought of something that starts with the letter E give them the blank template and any craft supplies you want them to use (markers, paint, excess construction paper, cotton-balls, glue, pipe cleaners, whatever you have available).

Have the students make an example of their idea that starts with the letter E with the letter itself incorporated into the design just as you did when you showed them how to make an Elephant!

Once everyone is done have them tell the class about their creation that starts with the letter E!

Letter C Blank Template

Letter C Blank Template

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