Easter Egg Art - Many different ways

Syd Rundback
Easter Egg Art - Many different ways

Easter Egg Art - Many different ways

We worked on a lot of Easter projects and spring projects last week! My students were very interested in decorating different kinds of eggs. We dyed eggs, painted eggs, colored, and more. Their favorite activity was painting with marbles. We used a small box that perfectly held a sheet of paper. They were able to get their own paints and place them around the edge of the eggs they cut from construction paper (traced from a template on their own). The used between 1 and 7 marbles. It was fun to see how each egg was different from the other based on the amount of paint used, the number of marbles, and how long they rolled the box back and forth to paint their egg. With 16 students ages 3-5, it can often be tough finding an activity in which they can all be successful. This one was great! The activity in the photo is a tape resist. The students again traced and cut their eggs, then used tape to block out part of the paper. They could choose their own medium of marker, paint, crayon, or colored pencil.

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Easter Egg Art - Many different ways
April 6, 2021
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