Easter Egg Weaving Craft

Easter Egg Weaving Craft

Easter Egg Weaving Craft

At Jellytots Childcare-Ofsted Registered Childminders, they did a fun Easter egg-themed weaving craft and incorporated flowers too!

Weaving and learning!

The students had lots of fun taking thread and weaving it through little holes that had been punched in pieces of cardboard that had been cut into the shapes of eggs. The kiddos used colorful yarn that was weaved through the, "Eggs," and made some interesting designs! As an extra little fun challenge, they worked at weaving the flowers within the lines of fabric too! The students loved creating this great looking Easter-themed craft and were excited to take their eggs and flowers home to decorate their houses for the holiday this Sunday!

Source for photos: Jellytots Childcare-Ofsted Registered Childminders

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Easter Egg Weaving Craft
April 2, 2021
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