Easter Sensory Bin for Young Children

Ashbridge Nursery at Maxy Farm in Preston, UK came up with this fun Easter sensory bin focused on a theme of chicks! It is geared toward 1 and 2-year-old children but any age can enjoy playing in a fun sensory bin!

Easter Sensory Bin Fun!

Making your own Easter sensory bin is easy to do! You just need toy chicks, fuzzy balls, colorful fake grass, plastic eggs, and of course a big bin. You can make it a large enough bin that your young children can climb in it too or use a smaller bin that they just stand at a table and dig into it. Plus, you can do clever things like putting the fuzzy balls or fake grass in the plastic eggs too and having your children open them up and play with the items inside! It is a great and fun way to celebrate Easter!

Ashbridge Nursery at Maxy Farm
Cottam, Preston, Lancashire

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Author: .Grace Robinson

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