Easter Egg and Bunny Shape Matching Activity for Preschoolers

When we think of Easter two things that often come to mind are Easter eggs and bunnies.

This matching activity is designed with that in mind, encouraging preschoolers to take Easter eggs with shapes inside of them and matching them to bunnies with their heads shaped in a similar manner. There are two sheets total, with six cards that can be cut out and then matched with the correct rabbit (so three rabbits and holes for eggs on each sheet).

This activity can easily be laminated as well so that it can be repeated multiple times with a number of preschool-aged children. Doing this activity is a fun way to tie-in the Easter holiday with learning all about shapes. Plus, the bunnies and eggs are colorful and cute–something young children are sure to love!

Easter Egg and Bunny Shape Matching Printables

Below are the printables for doing the Easter egg and bunny shape matching activity.

How to Download the Files

This entire file package can be downloaded completely for free. Just click here for details.

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