Easy Bird Feeder Craft

Easy Bird Feeder Craft

Easy Bird Feeder Craft

At Peaceful Gatherings Nature School, they made easy-to-create bird feeders! With some pipe cleaners and Cheerios, they were able to make a tasty treat for birds that could be easily hung from a tree.

Materials needed for this craft

To make this bird feeder craft you will need the following:

*Pipe cleaners


*Someplace to hang the completed feeder outside

How to make this craft

To make your bird feeder craft follow these steps:

1. Take a pipe cleaner and your Cheerios.

2. Begin stringing the Cheerios onto the pipe cleaner.

3. Repeat the stringing of Cheerios onto more pipe cleaners.

4. Go outside and hang your pipe cleaners from a tree or other spot birds can easily access.

5. Wait for birds to come to eat the Cheerios!

Source for photos: Peaceful Gatherings Nature School

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Easy Bird Feeder Craft
March 19, 2021
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