Easy Native American-Themed Crafts for Kids

.Emily Davis
Easy Native American-Themed Crafts for Kids

At Touchstone School they had a fantastic time doing an assortment of Native American-themed activities!

Touchstone School


They learned about Native American culture and how in the past stories would be passed-down by word-of-mouth as well as ancient forms of papers and scrolls. The students then made their own, "Treated paper," by rolling, wetting, and drying it.

Then they chose their favorite symbols off of a picture-key so that they could create their own individual stories just like Native Americans of the past! They also painted them with a watercolor wash to give everything an extra beautiful, weathered and, "aged," look.

Students also learned about how jewelry would be made and worn by Native American cultures and then made their own hand-painted beads before they then strung their own necklaces. It was a great day of Native American-themed activities and the students love learning about another culture and its traditions!

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Easy Native American-Themed Crafts for Kids
November 18, 2019
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