easy peasy chalk paint using kitchen ingredients

easy peasy chalk paint using kitchen ingredients

Just with few basic ingredients you can have fun with your little ones


1. Cornflour 1 table spoon

2. food color few drops

3. water as needed

4. bowl

5. few brushes to paint

this activity involves following steps :

1. measuring and pouring ingredients

2. mixing to make colors

3. painting

procedure :

take corn flour in a bowl. add few drops of food color.

add water and mix.

the color is ready.

this is easy to take out from fabrics and also from floor.

let your kids imagination run wild with these colors.

this is totally skin friendly, easy to remove colors with great looks.

a messy play with less mess amd easy to wash and clean

easy peasy chalk paint using kitchen ingredients
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easy peasy chalk paint using kitchen ingredients
July 21, 2023
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