Egg Carton Crocodile Craft

.Amelia White
Egg Carton Crocodile Craft

Egg Carton Crocodile Craft

At Crescent City Montessori School they made crocodiles out of egg cartons they painted green! It was a fun craft and is great to do during a unit on reptiles. Also, you can call this an alligator craft if you want as well, "Egg carton crocodile craft," just is more fun to say!

Materials needed for this craft

To do this craft you will need:

  • White egg carton
  • Green paint (tempera or acrylic works well)
  • Paintbrush
  • Green construction paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Makers/crayons

How to do this craft

To make your own egg carton crocodile follow these steps:

  1. Take your egg carton and cut the top and bottom sections apart.
  2. Flip the bottom section upside-down and paint it green.
  3. Wait for the paint to dry
  4. Take your green construction paper and cut two big triangles out.
  5. Color the triangle you want to be the face with the crayons/markers to make eyes and a nose.
  6. Tape the triangles to the front and back of the egg carton.
  7. For the side you made the face, take the top segment of the egg carton and tape it to the bottom of the green triangle--this will look like teeth!
  8. Display your awesome craft!


Source for photos 1: Christian Cooperative Preschool in Appleton

Source for photos 2,3: Crescent City Montessori School

Egg Carton Crocodile Craft
July 28, 2020
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