Election Day Preschool Voting Activity

Olivia Johnson
Election Day Preschool Voting Activity

At Peter Pan Schools in Alameda, California they had their lessons tie-in with election day by having the class vote on something very important to the students--the class name!

They had been brainstorming since last week and narrowed the options down to four. The winner was voted on yesterday and the Pre-K class of 2020 was proud to announce they were officially the, "Unicorn Dancers!" Before deciding upon this name the nominations were narrowed-down to four (as discussed) and the children each voted. After being shown how to tally the votes they were counted and the final name was decided upon!


Peter Pan Schools · Alameda, CA, United States


These voting activities are great for kids as they assist the children in learning about themselves and the kind of World they live in via these experiences. It helps children learn how to vocalize what they like or dislike, along with their interests in having the ability to communicate a desired class name. This role-play of voting helps develop important and complex thinking skills, as the students project what they are desiring. The children experience what is going on in our grown-up society with voting, but it is in terms they can grasp. Plus, it teaches them how voting is important so that is it a skill they hopefully continuing using all throughout their life!

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Election Day Preschool Voting Activity
November 6, 2019
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