Learning About the Letter Ee with Elmer the Elephant

The letter E and its lowercase version of e is very important. The fifth letter in the alphabet it is a vowel and occurs in many words.

At Happy Trails Childcare & Day Camp in Bohemia, New York, they learned about Ee by doing an art project inspired by the book, “Elmer,” who happens to be a big patchwork Elephant!

Happy Trails Childcare & Day Camp
Bohemia, New York

Patchwork Via Paint!

Students learned about the word, “Elephant,” is spelled via using both the uppercase E as well as the lowercase e. Then, after reading the book about Elmer the patchwork Elephant they made their own patchwork elephant! Normally, “Patchwork,” is used to refer to a quilt that has a number of patches sewn into it, but in this case students made a patchwork-styled elephant by taking a big paper cutout shaped like Elmer.

After getting their cutout of Elmer the Elephant students used paint to created a patchwork-looking design. Everyone had their own interpretation and each version of Elmer the patchwork Elephant looked great! You can do it with your own class as well by reading the book and then encouraging your students to make their own Elephant out of paint to look patchwork-styled!

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