Emotions and Feelings Activity for Preschoolers

.Isabella Jones
Emotions and Feelings Activity for Preschoolers

Sometimes it can be hard for younger children to put a, "Label," on their emotions and identify exactly how they feel.

 At Milestones Pre-K Learning Center in Riverside, California, they have an activity they did designed to help with just that!

How to Do This Activity

Present students with the printable and talk about the emotions it represents.

Talk about, "Happy," and how it is a feeling we have where we feel good, smile, and laugh.

Discuss, "Surprised," and the way it feels--like our heart is beating fast and we might be scared.

Cover the feeling, "Angry," and how it can make us feel hot, shaky, and like we want to yell.

Talk about, "Sad," and that when we feel such a way we sometimes cry or want to be alone.

Now encourage the students to color the emotions the color they think best goes with them--whatever color they want!Help students cut the emotions out with scissors.Glue or tape each emotion to a Popsicle stick and if students want to keep them at their desk to hold-up when they are not sure how they feel but believe the faces can assist them, that is great!

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Emotions and Feelings Activity for Preschoolers
September 15, 2019
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