Eric Carle-Inspired Seahorses Collage for Preschoolers

Katie Hays
Eric Carle-Inspired Seahorses Collage for Preschoolers

Eric Carle-Inspired Seahorses Collage for Preschoolers

Eric Carle is a fantastic author who had spent decades creating amazing books thanks to his stellar writing and unique art-style that mixes watercolor with collage.

With Carle in mind this crafting activity encourages preschool students to make their own seahorses in the style of Carle's artwork.

Carle-styled Seahorses. Activity to Kids

Schuylerville Public Library in Schuylerville, New York, had its own activity dedicated to kids making their own Carle-styled seahorses. These preschoolers had a wonderful time painting and putting all kinds of fun mixed-media on their works as well to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces to proudly hang in their home. It was without a doubt a big hit at the library!

Our Eric Carle inspired seahorse collages are coming along great in Counting Down to Kindergarten! One more week to go!

Schuylerville Public Library

How to Make Eric Carle-Inspired Collage

Making your own Eric Carle-inspired seahorse is easy! You simply need a blank sheet of paper (construction paper is thicker and usually better, an assortment of paints, and any extra-stuff you have lying around the house that might be fun to include in the collage such as plastic forks, Popsicle sticks, the little tools from Play-Doh sets, and anything else that can be painted and glued-on to the sheet of paper along with the painted-on watercolors. Also, you will for sure want to have extra scrap-paper for the kids to cut-up (an adult can help, of course) into the shape of seahorses who are then glued-onto the main paper to create the exciting ocean scene!

Eric Carle-Inspired Seahorses Collage for Preschoolers
August 16, 2019
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