Experimenting With an Ice Block

Experimenting With an Ice Block

Experimenting With an Ice Block

Now that it is starting to get warm outside with Spring, the kids at Meadow Park Preschool and Child Care Center spent some time cooling off inside with a fun ice block activity!

Testing out the ice block

The classroom was excited to put the big ice block in a tub and experiment with it. They poured food coloring on it, spread salt on it to watch how that made the block melt, and poked at it with assorted tools. Here are some more photos of all the fun and experimentation:

You can do this activity in your classroom too! All you need is a big block of ice, tools to pick at it with, and things to pour on it such as salt, more water, and such!

Source for photos: Meadow Park Preschool and Child Care Center

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Experimenting With an Ice Block
April 5, 2021
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