Experimenting With Coloring Fabric

Experimenting With Coloring Fabric

Experimenting With Coloring Fabric

At Eskay Kids-Karana, they experimented with coloring fabric by using natural dye! The kids examined how turmeric, red cabbage, and beetroot can all produce very vibrant results. After looking at how the natural dyes can make beautiful results on the fabric the kids went on to investigate how to od botanical printing.

Beautiful fabric coloring

The kids experimented with several methods of dyeing and making prints, which produced some lovely results that can be seen above and below here:

It has been an ongoing exploration and it is exciting to think even more beautiful works will be created as the kids further explore these natural dyes!

Source for photos: Eskay Kids-Karana

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Experimenting With Coloring Fabric
August 19, 2021
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