Experiments with water

Sandra Vagale
Experiments with water

We have experiments with water throughout the year.

In winter, they are in the form of snow and ice, their thawing and coloring. In the spring, we observe how it can be melted faster - with warm water, breaking it up, heating it on radiators, keeping it in a warm room, etc.

Experiments with water

One of the first lessons is about how water can be collected: with a spoon, with a sponge, with a syringe, with paper or a rag that absorbs it. Pour into a smaller container using a funnel, pour into a bowl with a larger spoon. Why, we are all looking for answers together - why?

On the topic of various things at home - children conduct experiments on things and substances. Substances that mix change color and substances that do not mix. About things that sink immediately, what after a while, what floats, what floats sometimes? Why? the task of these experiments is to create interest in research, to practice maintaining attention, to learn to formulate one's thoughts verbally. And it's good if you come to a conclusion in the form of experiments! Experiment, you are with a child!

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Experiments with water
March 19, 2023
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