Exploring the Colors of the Rainbow Via Painting

If you are currently at home with your child due to World events you can make sure they still continue to learn with fun painting activities such as this one involving the colors of the rainbow!

At Primrose School at West Lake in Apex, North Carolina, they helped teach their students all about the colors of the rainbow and encouraged them to paint their own beautiful rainbows as well! All you need is construction paper and paint (tempera paint works well).

Making Rainbows

Review with your child how rainbows look, if you want, you can make an outline of a rainbow on a sheet of paper that has it noted what each color is within a rainbow. Then, have your children paint their own rainbows on the paper with your assistance. If you want, after making a, “Regular,” rainbow you can make silly rainbows as well with wild and crazy colors!

Primrose School at West Lake
Apex, NC, United States

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Author: .Ella Martin

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