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Fairy Tale Pumpkin

Victoria Shelby
Fairy Tale Pumpkin

For our fairy tale lesson plan I had the kids paint a pumpkin template and cut it one, then they made wheels using coffee stirs for spokes. Added a dash of glitter and you have a magical pumpkin carriage.

You will need to have the following items for this craft.

Pumpkin template for each child.

ORange paint for all the children.

Scissors, one pair for each child.

construction paper cut into circles for the wheels. Cut the middle out.

Coffee stiring sticks cut into fourths to use as spokes. Each child will need 4 to 5 spokes per wheel.

Glue bottles for each student.

Glitter colors to choose from.

A spoon to sprinkle the glitter.

A place to dry

I suggest doing this in a small group as to many at once can be a little out of control with younger kiddos. This activity went well with out Cinderella story! I hope you all enjoy this creative art activity with you little ones! Thank you!

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Fairy Tale Pumpkin
October 19, 2022
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