Fall Activity Ideas With a Bilingual Twist!

Fall Activity Ideas With a Bilingual Twist!

Fall Activity Ideas With a Bilingual Twist!

Mi Casita Preschool in Philadelphia is a bilingual preschool where the children speak in English and Spanish. They did a variety of fun Fall activities (you can see flower-stamping above)--some of which incorporated learning Spanish too!

Fun Fall activities

The children developed fine motor skills doing leaf-painting.

Everyone had fun sorting leaves that were similar versus different.

It was exciting pressing acorns into Play-Doh and seeming the imprint left behind!

Leaves were also sorted from large, to medium, to small.

Kids made letters from the alphabet out of sticks.

Various Fall items were sorted by color.

The children were proud to be able to count-up acorns into numbered groups as well. All the Fall activities were so fun!

Source for photos: Mi Casita Preschool

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Fall Activity Ideas With a Bilingual Twist!
October 20, 2020
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