Fancy Hairstyles Made Out of Pasta Activity for Preschoolers

At Ashbridge Nursery at Maxy Farm in Preston, United Kingdom, they made fancy hairstyles for their paper cut-out heads!

How to Make Fancy Hairstyles

After dying pasta assorted colors the students grabbed it by the handful, put it upon the heads of their paper cut-out people and enjoyed using child-safe scissors to cut the hair and make exciting fancy hairstyles out of a mixture of the bright and fun colors!

Doing this activity helped the preschool students learn color recognition and work on developing their fine motor skills by using the scissors.

You can easily do it too by dying spaghetti various colors, making cut-out heads and having studnets use the pasta as if it is hair that they then can cut and style to make fantastic looking hair-dos! Your studnets are sure to have a fun time playing with the pasta and cutting it with scissors!

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