Farm Animal Sensory Play

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Farm Animal Sensory Play

Farm Animal Sensory Play

All kids would love sensory bins! Even parents and teachers too!

Although it is a themed one, kids could play anyhow the way they wanted to play.

I set this 'farm animal sensory bin' is for my homeschool 3 year-old daughter.

She really enjoyed it and even sits in the bin!

Sensory bin has always been my 'to go' activity when i am busy or run out of idea what activity for my daughter to play with.

In this activity my toddler learnt what farm animals are, not all animals are farm animals. Not only that, some words were repetitively been used was scoop, pour, full, empty would add new vocabularies for toddler too.

Things needed are:


Filler: This time i used garbanzo beans.

Other filler that can be used are colorful rice, pompoms, pasta and other beans

Utensils: Scoop, jars, bowl

Farm animals set

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Farm Animal Sensory Play
February 22, 2021
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