Farm Animals and Letters Worksheet For Kindergarten!

These free worksheets full of farm animals are a great way for your kindergarten students to work on learning their letters!

Beginning Sounds Worksheet

Have you students think about the initial letter-sound for an animal and put it in the correct group.

Find and Color the Letters Worksheet

Kindergarten students will have a fun time identifying the letters within a picture of a tractor and painting them the appropriate colors.

Find & Color Worksheet

For this activity the children can color actual letters red and other symbols or gibberish drawings as green.

Letter Matching Worksheet

For this worksheet students draw lines from the uppercase letters to the lowercase ones in different writing styles and fonts.

Letter Tracing Worksheet

This activity requires students to trace the spelling of the types of animals and then cut-out and paste the pictures next to the correct word.

Carnivores and Herbivores

Have your students draw a line from the food to the animal that would eat it! This is a great way to learn about carnivores and herbivores.

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