Farm AnimalsTheme

Raquel Vega
Farm AnimalsTheme

Our theme for this week is Farm Animals. The children made some farm animals and decorated our block area wall. The children learn each animal name in Spanish and English language. We are having so much fun making all kinds of arts and crafts while learning to spell and identify each of the animals. Parents love the idea of decorating the wall and especially the name activity. The children learn as they play and they especially love the three little pigs game and story. We will be planning to make a winter wonderland dramatic play area in our classroom for Christmas. I love the ideas I see on this page, I will continue to share my ideas as well. I love to see their faces light up when they accomplish an activity and see the end result. It makes me happy to see the children being creative and artistic. I love the winter themes on this page. Looking forward to try these activities.

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Farm AnimalsTheme
November 11, 2020
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