Farm Week Activities!

Farm Week Activities!

Farm Week Activities!

They had a farm week at AASD - The Learning Express Preschool. The students did all sorts of fun activities related to farms. You can do some or all of these with your classes too!

Corn kernel numbers and letters

The children made numbers and letters out of corn kernels. They would make whatever letter or numbers the teacher instructed.

Muddy pig painting

The kiddos had laminated images of pigs they painted with, "Mud." The mud was shaving cream with brown food coloring!

Farm puzzles

All the children did some farm-themed puzzles at one point.

"Cow," milking

Students used gloves filled with milk that had little holes poked in the finger spots to simulate milking a cow!

Farm animal dramatic play

The little ones wore masks and engaged in dramatic play! They imagined they were assorted farm animals. It was such a fun farm week!

Source for photos: AASD - The Learning Express Preschool

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Farm Week Activities!
October 22, 2021
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