Feed Rabbit in a cage using shoe box and stick

Theme: my pet. Create a rabbit cage.

The items used: Shoe box, bamboo skewer/ satay stick, cardboard, masking tape and pre print rabbit(google).

Steps to do the cage:

  1. draw a rectangle onto the box and use pen knife cut accordingly.
  2. cut the bamboo skewer and poke into the box. ( I poked the bottom on into the box and tape the upper one with masking tape. 
  3. Print a rabbit clipart and paste onto the cardboard so that it will be sturdy. I cut a hole depending on how big the “carrot” to feed the rabbit. 
  4. ensure that the cardboard have a base so we can glue it into the show box. 

I sew the carrots with felt cloth.

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Author: Ms. Happy

A Preschool educarer and I enjoyed making resources for the children

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  1. Great idea. Thank you for sharing!

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