Feed The Shark, Ball-Toss Game Popular at Schools

One fun activity that preschool and kindergarten students lately are enjoying is a ball-toss game with a twist.

Instead of simply throwing their balls into a basket as with most ball-toss games they are instead getting to, “Feed the Shark,” the balls! Putting the balls into the shark’s mouth takes an otherwise-normal game and makes it extra fun and exciting as the kids enjoy getting the shark fed while avoiding its impressive big teeth! Whether using balls or bean bags it is a real hoot to play!

Majestic Harbor Children’s Center
Gloucester, Massachusetts

For Preschool students

Teachers from Majestic Harbor Children’s Center in Gloucester, Massachusetts, shows, a normal game of ball-toss is really spiced-up by introducing a hungry shark into the proceedings! Preschool students have so much fun they don’t even realize they are also developing important gross motor skills while having an awesome time.

Try it Out Today!

If your preschool or kindergarten students are bored with regular ball-toss games try out having a hungry shark appear! Tell them that they need to, “Feed the shark,” the balls or bean bags and suddenly a game kids complained was boring will have a whole new exiting and fun element thanks to the big hungry shark.

Majestic Harbor Children’s Center
Gloucester, Massachusetts

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