Feelings Faces of the Inside Out Movie

Andrea Leon Rey
Feelings Faces of the Inside Out Movie

Create your own mask of inside out movie and play with children with the feelings.

Make 4 circles with the colours red, yellow, purple and blue. Then, cut the pieces and children have to paste the faces part in the colour circle.

I see this craft with recycling paper, too. You can use this faces part with the material that you prefer, which could be colour paper or recycling paper.

The importance of this is that your children or student show their feeling about this craft, enjoy making it and learn all the feelings.

Before making this activity you can put some videos about this movie and tell your student what feeling can you see. Then, make some questions about when did they feel each emotion.

For example:

If I lost my favourite toy, how I could feel? "Sad" (show the sad mask)

If I see something that is wrong or bad, how I could feel? "angry" (show the angry mask)

If I eat chocolate or candies, How I could feel? "Happy" (show the happy mask)

If I see a spider, How I could feel? "Scared" (show the scared mask)

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Feelings Faces of the Inside Out Movie
October 31, 2021
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