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Finding Our Feelings

Finding Our Feelings

Finding Our Feelings

During Emotions and Feelings week, one of our centers consisted of having the students search for their feelings. We provided the students with magnifying glasses and plush spot of feeling toys.

We started by reading the spot of feeling book then discussed our feelings. Then at centers the students hopped between different centers. One of the centers consisted of this activity to help the students learn how to spot or identify the feelings they are having. The students used magnifying glasses to search and look at the little feeling spots. I have provided a visual below of one of my students observing the spot of feeling. The students absolutely loved this activity and could be heard discussing their feelings with their classmates. It was a super simple idea to put together however it provided such a great lesson for the students and a huge opportunity to teach such an important life lesson about feelings and learning how to regulate their feelings.

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Finding Our Feelings
November 13, 2022
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