Fine motor skills work

Yoatzin Sanchez Perez
Fine motor skills work

For the Sea Animals week I gave them this jelly fish (which they ended up calling octopus); at first they couldn't figure out what to do with the rings and tentacles, so they only played with the strings, until I told them what was the activity about.

Most of my kids asked help, and some other, as little as they are (2-3 year olds, didn't even need it.

In this activity I was able to check/test their level of detail and patience. and of course, put their fine motor skills to work.

Yes, those are fruit loops. I glued the pipe cleaners with hot glue (out of the classroom, and straighten them any time it was needed.

As stressful it seemed for some of them, at the end they were rewarded by let them eat the cereal.

P.S. Make sure that their parents allow them to eat sugar or that they are not allergic to it, if this is the case, they could be replaced by another type of rings, just be careful with objects that are too small.

Let the fun begin!

Fine motor skills work
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Fine motor skills work
June 21, 2022
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