Finger family rhymes with finger puppets

Geetha Priya R
Finger family rhymes with finger puppets

Finger family rhymes with finger puppets

For kindergarten kids we should use more attractive and colorful teaching aids and also a kindergarten teaching aids should be very child friendly and accessible to the kids. When the child was attracted with our teaching aids they won't distract during the class. And also they will become very curious to learn new things. So the teaching aid should be very important for the kindergarten teacher. So here my class theme is my family for that I taught my children finger family rhymes for that I needed finger puppet of father, mother brother, sister and baby puppet so that I took the printout of father, mother, brother, sister and baby cutouts and I made a finger puppet then I introduced the family member and started singing the rhymes daddy finger daddy finger and made the children yo sing along with me

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Finger family rhymes with finger puppets
July 18, 2023
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