Firefighter Physical Fitness, “Test,” For Preschoolers

For all your preschoolers who want to be firefighters-in-training these assorted challenges as part of a physical fitness, “Test,” are a great way to be active and develop gross as well as fine motor skills.

At Christian Childcare/Preschool in Menifee, California they did their activities outside because one involved water, but you can tweak things as needed to be able to be inside or out for the fitness, “Test.”

Christian Childcare/Preschool

How To Do Your Own Physical Fitness with Your Students

Some of the activities you can do with your preschool students as part of the physical fitness, “Test,” are…

  1. Avoiding obstacles such as hula hoops and ladders that students have to carefully step in or over
  2. Wrapping and/or placing a hose over a traffic cone
  3. Crawling under thing such as string or tables
  4. Putting out, “Fires,” by pouring water from jugs onto pretend fires
  5. Climbing a ladder/stepstool to rescue a pretend cat from a tree
  6. Practicing, “Stop, drop, and roll,” for if they ever are on fire
Fire station

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