Fire Safety Movement activity

Rebecca L Alley
Fire Safety Movement activity

Fire Safety Movement activity

Last week my Kindergarten students at St. John's Catholic School were learning about firefighters and fire safety. We had read several books about firefighters and fire safety on Epic, we made our own decodable books to take home, we colored and counted firefighters, we watched a short video.

I planned a craftivity that required a great deal of concentration and focus.

It was going to follow our read aloud, Math and then religion lessons. We needed a movement break between these activites before they could work on their firefighter craftivity. I gave them several movement prompts relating to a firefighters and firefighting such as put on the turnout gear, climbing on the truck, climbing the ladder, breaking a window, climbing in the burning building, climbing down the ladder, spraying the hose and many more. We completed the activity by taking off the turnout gear and sitting down to relax and refocus after the excitement of the "fire". They loved it and were ready to move on to another task requiring their concentration!

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Fire Safety Movement activity
October 19, 2020
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