Fire Station Dramatic Play Activity

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Fire Station Dramatic Play Activity

Fire Station Dramatic Play Activity

Should you be having a fire safety week or day in your classroom one great activity to do with your students is this simulation/"play" which teaches students the correct actions to take in case of a fire.

It proved very successful at The Lordship Learning Tree Preschool in Stratford, Connecticut, and you can do a version of it for your class as well!

Essentially you have your preschool/Pre-K or Kindergarten students, "Act-out," how to act in a real fire emergency as by having a pretend fire and fire station students can practice what to do in a real emergency situation without feeling bored just being instructed how to act to ensure for their health and safety--they actually get to put it into practice!

A House That is, "On Fire."

To make a house that appears to be, "On fire," you can tape two cardboard presentation boards together and cut holes in them to represent windows.

To make the, "Fire," you simple cut-up red, yellow, and orange plastic tablecloths (like the kind you can find at a dollar store) and insert them into the windows so the house appears to be, "On fire."

Students often have a lot of fun putting the fire in the windows and taking it out once the fire is, "Put-out."

911 Center

In the case of an emergency (such as seeing a house that is on fire) students might need to dial and call 911. This is an important skill and a great thing to practice during a dramatic play activity!

Having a little phone-book with the phone numbers of a student's parents/guardians is a great way to help students memorize those phone numbers too.

Having students practice calling 911 or their parents/guardians is perfect to do during this unit when discussing emergencies such as fires with a teacher or if firefighters come to the school in order to teach students about fire safety.

Firefighter Station and Truck

Having a, "Firefighter Station," which is a shelf full of the tools and equipment to to pretend to be firefighters and put-out fires is a great idea, and you simply can't have a fire station without also having a fire truck!

Using a tri-fold cardboard presentation board can make the, "Body," of the truck easy to create. You simply paint it red, cut-out vehicle windows and then can make a stripe with white duct tape and glue on gears as well as buttons (and a little plastic steering-wheel if desired) to simulate it being like a real fire-truck!

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Fire Station Dramatic Play Activity
October 2, 2019
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